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Album Description:
In the piano tradition begun two decades ago by George Winston, David Lanz and Suzanne Ciani, "Serenade to the Moon" brings solo-piano musings that are uncomplicated, pleasing and melodic--ideal for situations such as entertaining, dining, reading and other quiet activities.

Rating:  - Simply Tentalizing
I first heard Esteban at a Border's bookstore in California. He captured my heart and my senses with the "Serenda to the Moon" album. His fingers create absolute magic on the piano keys and he talks to you through each of his notes. It's romantic, it's sad and happy all the same time.

Esteban Ramirez a delight! Reminiscent of David LanzA Customer:
Since receiving the "Welcome Home" CD today, I have listened two it three times through! His excellently rendered, peaceful style in both his original songs and his cover of "Over the Rainbow" are worth more than one listen!Ramirez' sensitivity rivals that of David Lanz and his "Return to the Heart" CD and the like.

"Fly with Me" topped the New Age Radio charts at #32 and remained in the top 50 most played albums for an almost-unheard-of five months. Esteban is a 2006 ASCAPlus Award Recipient.

Fans of Esteban Ramirez will see a new level of romance with this CD. With music that ranges from the romantically quiet to the dramatically romantic, this album presents moving and touching ensembles featuring piano with oboe, violin, cello, and strings. Sprinkled throughout are several eloquent and poignant, piano solos--a wonderful balance between simplicity and fullness.

Excellent production value and wonderful packaging will make this an excellent buy. Plus in addition to 59 minutes of original music, the CD jacket also contains a wonderfully inspiring and touching poem, written by Esteban himself!