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…think film scores and you’re half way to understanding the scope of his music.

                                                            Rainbow Network


He exudes dreamy sounds and perhaps a distinctive signature with music of charming, tender innocence.

                                                            NAPRA Review



Ramirez’ sophomore effort…is a collection of lyrical yet deeply calm melodies, tied together by themes of romance, wistfulness, and yearning.  It whispers, rather than shouts, but the message is consistently one of love.NAV Magazine



Welcome Home offers up meditations that play like the sound-track of a love story, as the camera dissolves between vignettes, telling the tale without words.

                                                            Out Magazine



Following in the solo piano footsteps of George Winston, Lorie Line, Jim Brickman, Danny Write, Emile Pandolfi…Esteban creates melodies that are tranquil in nature and put the listener in a restful state of mind.New Age Retailer


He has style.  He has imagination.  He has sensitivity.  “Welcome Home” is as near perfect a smooth jazz solo piano CD as you can hope to find in recent releases.

                                                            The Jazz Review