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Fly with Me:     With music that ranges from the romantic to the dramatic, this album presents moving ensembles featuring piano with oboe, violin, cello, and strings.  Sprinkled throughout are a few poignant piano solos—a wonderful balance between simplicity and fullness.

Fly with Me
Alone is Not for Me
The Embrace
Love and Moonlight
Casa Manzanillo
My Heart Remembers
Tonight You Shine
A Dream is Not Enough
I Am Stronger Now 

Welcome Home:     This uncomplicated, yet graceful piano solo album is elegantly flavored with cello on four tracks.  Esteban’s musings are melodic, tender, and ideal for occasions such as entertaining, dining, reading, and other quiet activities.

Echoes in Time
Sandbox [sound sample]
Love and Innocence
Welcome Home
Dinner for Two
Garden Waltz
New England
Carnival in Paris
Window at Batignolles
Wings of an Angel
Over the Rainbow

 Serenade to the Moon:     This album is destined to be a classic.  It brings solo-piano musings that are lyrical, sensitive, and moving—often reflecting tender innocence, yet with definitive substance.  This music will be sure to transport you to a path of romance, reflection, and nostalgia.  You’ll fall in love again…for the very first time.                                                  

Faces of Love
Evening Breeze
Serenade to the Moon
One Last Look
San Francisco Rain
Dancing Shadows
A Stroll with Pachelbel
Turning Point
A Gentle Spring
The Unseen Angel
My Mother’s Tears
Butterfly Garden